Southerland – A New Duo Taking Country Music Back To Its Roots. Nashville is the home of country music and the land of broken dreams. All along Music Row are the shrines of success which draw hopeful artists to town each with their own plan to break through. Sometimes the path you’ve selected works. Sometimes a random happening results in an entirely different course. Occasionally, the world sees what you just don’t: that you’re good on your own, but better in a duo. That, for Matt Chase and Chris Rogers is the path to Southerland. Chase is from South Carolina, Rogers from Washington. For three years they played small towns and dive bars as separate acts on the same bill. They wrote songs in a similar style and sang in a way which evoked the country music of the past. This modern yet traditional sound led them as a duo into a deal with Luke Comb’s team and the prospects of hitting it big as Southerland.