Powerlifter / Bikini Athlete / Fitness Coach

Marisa Inda is a powerlifter that represents Team USA in world championships. She’s one of the leading female athletes, inspiring women around the world to become stronger by lifting bigger weights. Marisa Inda is one of the most celebrated female strength athletes in the World today. With a long athletic history as a gymnast and bodybuilder, Inda has risen to the highest ranks in powerlifting. A multiple time USAPL National Champion, Inda’s crowning achievements came at the 2017 Arnold where she broke the All-Time Total World Record in the 52kg Class on her way to winning the IPF Grand Prix and then going on later in 2017 to win the IPF World Championship. Inda’s strength and beauty has earned her worldwide acclaim, including an appearance on The Ellen Show. Inda is the current American Record Holder in the Bench and Deadlift, as well as the World Record Holder in the Total.