Damascus Steel Blade Maintenance

Lubricate Carbon Steel Damascus Blades.

Our Damascus Steel Blades are made of high and low carbon steel, which means they have a relatively low amount of chromium in the steel. Carbon steel Damascus can rust when not cared for properly. Make sure to always clean and dry your blade after using with mineral or coconut oil in order to prevent from catching rust or discolouration. This will keep your knife rust-free and maintain its etched beauty.

Store It Properly To Keep It Rust-Free.

When not in use, It’s important to keep the Damascus Steel knife in a dry interior environment, where it will not be affected by extreme moisture or temperature changes. When out in the field with your knife, make sure that you don’t keep it in a wet environment for long periods of time. Don’t store your knife for long time in a leather sheath - acids and chemicals that are used to tan leather can lead to oxidation over time due to the normal moisture found in the air.

In addition, keeping the entire knife dry is important. We strongly advise against using dehumidifier if you are storing your knives with natural handle materials; especially in a closed safe or storage compartment. Extremely low humidity is a hazard for any natural handle materials (walnut wood, camel bone, buffalo horn, rams horn, stag horn, etc) and will likely cause cracking or separation. Humidity does not effect synthetic handle materials (micarta and densified wood).

By taking good care of your Damascus Steel blade, your knife will last longer and maintain it’s unique look.