Animal and Reptile Addict

Nick Bishop was raised just outside of Portland, Oregon. His fascination with wrangling began as a small child watching The Crocodile Hunter, which inspired him to begin capturing necktie "cobras" in his parents' room. While imagining he was hosting his own show with his imaginary cameraman, he set out on adventures, catching Garter Snakes, lizards and amphibians. From that point on, he did whatever it took to capture anything that moved! Sometimes he would bring home 15 or more wild animals to care for as "pets", promptly releasing them to go find more! In the beginning, everything Nick learned about animal handling was self-taught, since he did not have access to training, schooling, or mentors in the animal field. Lack of formal education didn't stop him though; he fully immersed himself in pursuing his passion and honing his craft. If Nick wasn't outside climbing a tree for a lizard or chasing a snake through the grass, he was inside watching Steve Irwin or Jeff Corwin on TV. He also found himself constantly reading about wildlife on the web or in a book that he checked out from the Library. Despite the challenges, he continued to follow his dream because he always believed he was born with the ability to understand animals and how to safely handle them. With a lot of perseverance, he was able to travel and learn from many experts as his career progressed. By the time Nick was 18, he found himself living in Los Angeles, California. After a few years working behind the scenes in the film industry, his dream started to become a reality. Influenced by all he had learned in the film industry, he took advantage of his resources and began to film all of his adventures. When Nick wasn't working, he was out capturing his wildlife adventures on film. After making the transition from behind the camera to in front of it, he knew that was the path for him. From that point on, Nick made the decision to chase his childhood dream full-time and created his own wildlife show for the world to see. Nick strives to bring back the fun and excitement his generation enjoyed when watching wildlife shows back in the day by combining an entertaining host with thrilling wildlife encounters. With that as motivation, Nick Bishop became "Nick The Wrangler"